alexa skill the rookies guide to the nfl

The Rookie’s Guide to the NFL

The Rookie’s Guide to the NFL is your official way to learn about the National Football League. Become an expert by asking about the rules, penalties, scoring plays, commentator lingo, previous Super Bowls, team formations, and more.

After enabling the skill, say ‘Open NFL’ or ‘Launch NFL’ to use The Rookie’s Guide.

Once you’ve opened the skill, you can say things like:
-What is defensive pass interference?
-How many players are on a team?
-Who won Super Bowl 35?
-What’s the difference between a running back and a wide receiver?
-Tell me about the Music City Miracle
-How tall is Aaron Rodgers?
-What does ‘move the chains’ mean?
Or, just say ‘Surprise me’ to hear a new definition

If you get stuck within the skill, say ‘Alexa, what does this skill do?’ to hear more options.

To get started, enable the skill and then just ask:

- "Alexa, open NFL"
- "Alexa, launch NFL"
- "Alexa, start NFL"
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